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Samira's Transformation

Samira's Transformation

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Jasmine Lynne:

"Doing Noel’s 1 On 1 Coaching has forever changed my life.  Not only did I lose weight but I gained so much CONFIDENCE in the gym and in MYSELF with her guidance.  I actually get excited walking into the weight room! Learning to count macros was just what I needed. I no longer felt like I was starving or binged, I was able to eat what I wanted AND LOSE WEIGHT as long as I met my macro needs. I now know what it takes and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle! No more being insecure, no more being frustrated my life has changed for the best and I feel amazing"


"Noel's 1 on 1 Coaching is probably the best commitment I decided to make for myself. She helped me get the stomach I always longed for and could never obtain on my own. She was honest, supportive, helpful, caring and motivating! Noel truly pulled me out of a dark place and helped me transform my life and body. I never thought that I could get to where I am right now, ever and with her help I did. How fast my body changed amazed me! Not only did my body change by my emotional and mental state changed for the better"


"Noel was amazing, not only did I lose 15 pounds but I walked away so much more confident in who I was. I learned  so much about training and nutrition! Noel is so diligent, dedicated, and extremely thoughtful with every check-in, she truly builds a trust that you need when going through a body transformation journey. I believe my life is forever changed after working with Noel"


"What can I say about Noel? She’s an amazing! She was extremely supportive and taught me so much! My body changed in ways I never thought was possible! My glutes, back and arms and Abs Progressed so much! Which were areas I struggled with for years and wanted to fix, Noel is an amazing coach and will get get you the body you have always desired"


"Noel's Coaching was truly a pleasure. I got stronger and was eating more! With Noel's program, I lost 10 pounds and gained muscle! Not only did the scale change but so did my body shape! I have never felt so amazing in my life. Besides that, my mental state changed. I learned how to maintain a positive lifestyle and to always enjoy life. It's definitely a feeling that I never felt before. I always used to feel worried or anxious, but with her help, I'm able to look at the brighter side of life"


"Noel is great! She provided a detailed programing with nutrition that helped me loose about 8lbs and about 2 inches around my mid section! She helped me exceed my weight loss goal! I would definitely recommend Noel to anyone who is ready to put in serious effort and keep accountable to  what you've set out to do"


"The value in what you learn with Noel is out of this world. I seen more results within the first 4 weeks of working with Noel then I did this past year doing it on my own. I lost 7lbs,  squatted a 45lbs plate for the first time in my life and I feel so much more energized! If your'e really looking for someone who will change your life Noel is an amazing coach"

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